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BVI 2010 on the Books

Hey! We just got back from the BVI. It was a great trip. The best wind I’ve ever experienced! Here’s a brief overview of our itinerary:

Day One (Wed)

Arrive, dinner with crew at The Moorings, provision, sleep aboard our Moorings 4600.

Day Two (Thurs)

Set sail, tack to Cooper, snorkel Cistern Point, dinner at CIBC

Day Three (Fri)

Motor to the Rhone for a dive, tack up to the Dogs, lunch and snorkeling/diving at The Chimney, Great Dog, more tacking to get into North Sound, took a slip at Leverick, dinner at BEYC.

Day Four (Sat)

Picked up rental car (safari) and took crew to Little Dix Bay for breakfast and the ladies went to the Spa, then to the Baths for snorkeling, the Crawl, and a bite at Top of the Baths, some reprovisioning and gift shopping at the Yacht Harbour, dinner at Leverick (still in the slip)

Day Five (Sun)

Nice broad reach to Anegada, lunch aboard, took a rental safari over to Loblolly (Flash of Beauty), then on to Cow Wreck Beach, dinner on board, spotlighting tarpin and rays from our mooring.

Day Six (Mon)

Reached over to Monkey Point, Guana Island, for some snorkeling, into CGB for overnight. Dinner at Quito’s.

Day Seven (Tues)

Motored up to Sandy Cay for snorkeling and island exploring, then to White Bay, JVD for some beach time, tacked down to Soper’s for overnight, had to scuba dive the mooring to retrieve our boat hook!, dinner at Pusser’s.

Day Eight (Wed)

Motored to Indians for snorkeling/diving, then into Road Town to turn in boat.

Day Nine (Thurs)

Returned home.

What was new for this year? Sleep aboard the night before, early start on day one, snorkeling Cistern Point, diving The Chimney, taking a slip at Leverick, eating dinner aboard at Anegada, and snorkeling Monkey Point. The clear favorite was snorkeling Monkey Point. Everyone loved it!

And one more point of interest. I like to walk the Moorings docks looking for old boats. This week I saw all my old Moorings boats: Moon Shadow (Crew, 2004), Brahma Fear (Crew, 2006), and A Stray Shower (Captain, 2007). It was like seeing old friends. Moon Shadow was in the Footloose fleet, but seemed to be holding up well. The owner of A Stray Shower was on board and I got to meet him. Nice guy.

Anyway, we’re already hatching plans for our next trip. Stay tuned to this site for more info as we settle on a date and maybe even a different place.


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