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The Plan for 2014

We’ve booked our boat and our flights and with only a few minor arrangements left, we are about set.

One thing will stay the same this year: Our entire crew is returning from last year. This was our best crew yet, so we couldn’t be happier to have them back.

The big change this year will be itinerary. Since this crew knows what they are getting into, they were more comfortable making a bigger commitment. The only real complaint from last year was that the trip was too short! So we’ve added two days to the trip this year. We’ll keep the same itinerary and insert two days into it. The first addition will be day two. We used to dive the Rhone, snorkel the Dogs at lunch, and end up in North Sound. This year we’ll dive the Rhone, hike Salt Island, and end up at Marina Cay. Then do the Dogs the next day and enjoy a leisurely sail into North Sound. The second addition will be to add a day to Anegada. We normally arrive at lunch, spend the afternoon, and depart the next morning. This time rather than depart the next morning, we will spend all that day on Anegada and depart the morning after that.

We will also stay off property on our last night this year rather than staying at the Mariner Inn. The rates there are simply not worth it. Too expensive and not nice enough. We’re thinking Tamarind Club, but haven’t made reservations yet.

Can’t wait to get back! This is my tenth trip in 10 years – a tenth anniversary since my first trip in 2004. It’s gone by quick but has always been fun.


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