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Itinerary changes for 2013

The Caves, Norman Island. Not sure who took this pic, but I found it here:

The Caves, Norman Island. Not sure who took this pic, but I found it here:

Every year we try to add a couple of new things to our plans. Some are busts. Others become crew favorites. This year I am adding two things to the agenda. First, we normally just spend day one tacking in the channel. Most folks enjoy the chance to just sail and learn about sailing. This year, however, we’re going to go across to The Caves for some snorkeling. I enjoyed The Caves the one time I went and it’s a popular spot, but for our group trips we’ve never gone there. Having spent the first night at the Moorings on the boat the last few trips, I realized we’ve got plenty of time to add this, so we’re going to try it out this year. The Caves are rumored to have been used by pirates to hide treasure. They are also said to be one of the inspirations for Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

Second, the trip has always seemed a bit muddled after mid-week. I think it’s the meals. We depart Anegada and the next couple of days have their bright spots, but just aren’t as good as the first half of the week. While we enjoy walking in Cane Garden, the meals haven’t been great the last couple of years. I’ve thought about overnighting somewhere else – we used to overnight in Little Harbour – but in the end I keep coming back to Cane Garden. So this year I think we’re going to walk Cane Garden and shop a bit, then taxi up to Bananakeet for dinner. The next night will be in Soper’s and we’ll either try the new Fish n’ Lime on the site of the old Jolly Roger or go over to Frenchman’s, which we’ve never tried. We loved and will miss the Jolly Roger, but have high hopes for Fish n’ Lime.

Nothing very drastic in the way of changes, but this will mix it up a little bit. You can check out the Itinerary page for a full itinerary of the places we’ll visit.


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