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Where to eat?

Over the past ten years I’ve been visiting the British Virgin Islands. Most of the time we are bareboating and our dinners (and a couple of breakfasts and lunches) are at the local resorts. A few times we’ve stayed ashore and managed to get around to eat at places we otherwise wouldn’t. Below is a list of restaurants with my thoughts on them. Some of them I’ve only eat at once. Others I eat at every year. Reviews are always subjective, and these are just the thoughts of one man. However, I often have 6 or 7 others with me and I listen carefully to their opinions. Places the crew doesn’t like we skip next time. Favorites always get return business. At the end is a list of restaurants I haven’t visited but hope to based on the good things I hear about them. I’ll try to link each restaurant to its website if there is one. Restaurants are grouped by location, but are otherwise win no particular order.

Cooper Island

Cooper Island Beach Club – After a recent reno, this place has become one we look forward to. Not the best meal of our trip, but certainly a good one.

Road Town – Tortola

Moorings Mariner Inn – This is always our first meal down island. The crew loves it, whatever they order. I always get roti and it never disappoints. Popeye is a fixture and its always nice to see him.

Pusser’s Road Town – We’ve eaten here twice. Neither meal was good. Service slow. Food blah.

C & F Bar and Restaurant – After hearing about this place for years we finally tried it. The place was hot and the food was only ok. There is a crazy room in the back where they sell all kinds of weird stuff. It’s worth it to eat here once just to stroll through this room.

Maria’s by the Sea – Nice spot on the water with above average fare. They make a nice painkiller as well. Definitely check it out.

East End – Tortola

Pusser’s Marina Cay – Average fare. The location is obviously good. I’d eat here because you are staying there. I wouldn’t stay there so I can eat there.

Trellis Bay Cyber Cafe – Great little local place. Try the roti.

Cane Garden Bay – Tortola

Quito’s Gazebo – This used to be one of our favorites. The last two meals weren’t good at all. We’ve dropped it from the itinerary.

Myett’s Garden and Grill – Food was good but the music was so loud we couldn’t hear one another without yelling. If that’s your cup of tea, enjoy.

Bananakeet Cafe – New crew favorite for the past two years. Not exactly in Cane Garden, but that’s where we moor. Taxi up to Bananakeet from there. Sunsets are amazing and a great view down Long Bay on Tortola’s north shore. Food and service are excellent.

Soper’s Hole – Tortola

Fish n’ Lime – replaced The Jolly Roger. They won’t answer the radio for reservations so you have to dinghy in. Nice spot and good food. A favorite with the crew.

The Jolly Roger – closed.

Pusser’s Landing – Don’t bother.

North Sound – Virgin Gorda

Saba Rock – Some folks like this place but we had forgettable meal after forgettable meal. I love the little island and the hammocks on the back side, but the dinner isn’t worth it to us.

Bitter End Yacht Club – Great all you can eat buffet on Friday nights during the high season. Otherwise we give it a pass.

Fat Virgin Cafe – Cheapest meal you will eat all week. Roti that is to die for. Wonderful service. A real local feel.

The Restaurant at Leverick Bay – This is the upstairs restaurant. Also a crew favorite. Excellent service. Only draw back is that it’s one of the most expensive meals we eat all week.

The Valley – Virgin Gorda

Little Dix Bay – You have to eat breakfast here at least once. The place is amazing. It’s buffet style with a short order station for eggs and waffles. May just be one of my favorite breakfasts all year.

Top of the Baths – Nice freshwater pool. Decent lunch fare. I always enjoy a cheeseburger and pina colada here while the crew snorkels The Baths. One of the best views in the islands. They also serve dinner and we’ve enjoyed it the few times we’ve eaten there.

The Rock – We only ate here once in 2006. It wasn’t that great. Folks swear by it though, so perhaps we just had the rare bad experience.

The Mineshaft Cafe – Food here was average, but the sunset was amazing.

Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotel – Excellent food and view. A real surprise and someplace we’ll return to.

The Flying Iguana – closed.

Dixie’s Kitchen – A burger place. Local. Worth it if you’re on island for awhile, but if you’ve only got a day or two give it a pass.


Cow Wreck Beach Bar – Good spot for lunch and dinner.

Anegada Reef Hotel – Everyone talks about this place. It used to be our go-to. But they were hit or miss on their lobster. We’ve moved on.

Potter’s by the Sea – Our new favorite place. Two years in a row of great meals. Try the lobster fettuccine. I look forward all year to this meal. And it’s a cheaper meal than ARH.

Flash of Beauty – On the north shore at Loblolly Bay East. Monica makes the best painkiller in the islands. Some lunch food available.

Neptune’s Treasure – We only did breakfast here once and it was slow and cold. To be fair, we didn’t tell them the night before that we were coming, so I think we caught them off guard. Most folks rave about it.

Places I’m Looking Forward to Trying

The Bath and Turtle – Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
Anegada Beach Club – North Shore, Anegada
The Clubhouse at Frenchman’s – Frenchman’s Cay, West End, Tortola
Tamarind Club – Josiah’s Bay, Tortola

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