British Virgin Islands 2018

There's that one particular harbor…

Pre-trip Checklist

Once you’ve decided to join us and paid your advance, there isn’t much to do for the next 6 months. There are a couple of things to keep in mind, though, that need to be taken care of in advance. Don’t let these get away from you…


If you do not have a valid passport, please begin the process as soon as possible. Passports are now required for travel in the BVI. You WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to depart US Territory without a valid passport. This process can take as much as 12 weeks (if you do it by mail, according to the State Department website as of 7-01-07), so do not put it off! You can begin by going online to the State Department website to find all the information you need.


You will not need an advance visa when traveling to the BVI. These are issued at Customs and Immigration.

Emergency Contact Information

You will not be within easy reach in the islands. Most cell phones do not work and yours will most likely be turned off anyway (yeah!). If anyone needs to reach you (in emergencies only!!!) they will need to contact The Moorings. When your family/friend calls the Moorings, they will need to give them our contract number and their message. The Moorings will then hail us on the radio and deliver the message or call us on a cell phone that they provide. Let me be clear, however. There is no guarantee that they will be able to reach us quickly! It may take up to a day for them to successfully hail us. Please take this into consideration when making arrangements for childcare, etc while you are gone. Prior to our departure, I will provide you with a phone number and contract number that your family can use to reach you in case of emergency.

Reserve Scuba Gear and Fishing Gear

If you want to scuba dive with us (at least two dives on this trip), you will need at the very least to rent tanks and weight. Unless you want to drag the rest of your gear around with you through the airports, etc, you should also rent the rest of your gear as well. Go to Last Stop Sports and check it out. They will rent you everything you need (except mask, snorkel, booties, and fins) for two dives. They are officed right at the marina and will deliver the gear to your boat. No need to clean it up afterward, just turn it in. It’s typically best to give them a call and reserve this equipment before the trip. But due to the time of year we’re down there, they sometimes just tell you to arrange the rental the day you arrive (not a lot of demand for gear during the shoulder season). When they issue it to you, make sure you inspect it to make sure it’s in working order. You can also get fishing gear here. This will require you to get a fishing license, which Last Stop Sports used to take care of for you. Ask when you call. No fishing gear will be allowed on board without a license. In 2006 a man was put in prison for fishing without a license. As the charter skipper, I will be held responsible.

Schedule Fishing Guide

You may schedule a fishing guide on Anegada to go bone fishing. This is a world recognized bone fishing destination, and your guide will likely have led people like Jimmy Buffet around the shallows. To schedule a half day with a guide, go to the Anegada Reef Hotel website and send them an email or call them. This does not require a fishing license. Two reminders: The cost for this is in addition to your trip fee; and while you are with the guide we will be on some of the best beaches in the Caribbean (Loblolly and Cow Wreck). Schedule your excursion for the afternoon. We’ll be at Anegada by lunch.

Make Resort Reservations

The berths on our boat are nice, but you might enjoy the added comfort and privacy of a resort room one or two nights during the trip. Each night of the trip we moor at a different resort. These resorts often offer a discount to crew members for single night stays. I’ve listed the option below according to our itinerary. Contact them to make your reservation, and make sure to tell them you’ll be on a Moorings boat moored at their resort.

Once again, this is an additional expense not covered in your fee. Since you are seeking a single night, the sooner you book, the better. Click on the names to go to their websites.


Take a quick look at the Suggested Packing List and make sure to purchase anything you need.


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