British Virgin Islands 2018

There's that one particular harbor…

Optional Excursions

In addition to the great itinerary we have planned, there are some optional excursions you can opt in on. Here’s how it works:

All optional excursions are listed and explained below. The cost is not included in the price of your trip. You will need to follow the links provided for each option and arrange the details directly with the appropriate business. I’m happy to help you however I can and answer any questions. It’s best to arrange these things early. Once we are inside the 120 day window there is no reason to wait. Enjoy!

Staying Ashore
Although our boat is nice, some like the idea of staying ashore just one night for the added comfort and privacy. Here is a list of resorts at which we’ll be moored that may be willing to let you book a single night with a discount for charterers. Click on the name to get to their website. Prices vary widely, so if money is an issue, make sure to check them all out to find the cheapest (which is probably Saba Rock).

1) Bitter End Yacht Club. This will be Friday night, your third night on the boat of 7.
2) Leverick Bay Resort. This will be Saturday night, your fourth night on the boat of 7.
3) Saba Rock Resort. This will be Saturday night, your fourth night on the boat of 7.
4) Anegada Reef Hotel. This will be Sunday night, your fifth night on the boat of 7.

Scuba Diving
We’ll make two dives during the week. If you’d like to dive with us, go to Last Stop Sports, give them a call and reserve the Scuba Package for $179. This will provide you with everything you need except a mask, fins, and snorkel. They are located on the Moorings property (our charter company) and will deliver the gear to our boat. Then they will come get it at the end of the week and you don’t even have to clean it! They will rent you just a tank and weight if you want to bring your own gear.

Spa Treatment
Little Dix Bay Resort has a world class Spa in an amazing setting. We’ll all eat breakfast at this resort Saturday morning and then spend the rest of the day (about 10am until about 4pm) at the Baths, snorkeling. If you’d like to stay at LDB and go to the Spa, I will return from the Baths a little later and pick you up. If you want to join us at the Baths later (versus staying at Little Dix Bay until 4pm), I recommend you set up an appointment sometime between 10 and 11am, for an hour or two. This will give you about two hours at the Baths at the very least.

Bone Fishing on Anegada
Anegada is a world class bone fishing destination. Stars from all over have come through fishing with one of two guides on the island. If you’d like to spend a half day fishing, email them or give them a call at 284-495-8002. You want Sunday afternoon. Please be advised, we’ll be on world class beaches by ourselves while you’re fishing. You’ll rejoin us for dinner.

That’s it for now! Remember to call or email if you have any questions!


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